All it takes is One Drop

One Drop is the future of affordable water purification, at the point of use - An eco-friendly, tasteless and odourless purification solution which is 100% Chlorine Free! One Drop is an effective, safe and simple to use option to treat your drinking water.

Supplied in a 30ml medical grade dropper bottle, containing 600 individual drops.  The ionic solution contains copper, Silver, Zinc, aluminium and gold and has been tested by various bodies from around the world, including the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) locally in South African and conforms to the World Health Organisation (WHO), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA - USA) as well as SANS241, The South African national standard for safe drinking water. The algae and bacteria in the water are destroyed through a change in their enzyme processes.

Depending on the quality if water being treated one, 30ml dropper bottle can treat between 150 and 600 Litres of water, with dosages ranging between 1 and 4 drops per litre.

One Drop is the ideal solution to treating water on the go, whilst traveling, hiking, camping or trail running and the small dropper bottle is small enough to cary on ones person at all times.

Available at Game Stores nation wide, as well as selected Cape Union Mart, Due South and Trappers stores across South Africa.

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Useage & Dosage Guidelines:

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