Active Patch 4U - Now in South Africa

Active Patch 4U has been in Europe for some years now and it has shown exponential growth in the Trail Running fraternity, especially with the likes of Kilian Journet, Emelie Fosberg and Tim Olsen using the product in their training, racing and recovery. The origin of the Active Patch 4U is quite something, you can read up about it here - Active Patch 4U is now available in South Africa, currently only really available online via their online store at In the near future they hope to secure some Physiotherapists who will actively use the product in their treatment. There is talk of a possible training coarse presented by the founder of Active Patch 4U over Comrades but we are yet to get all the details. The application of the patch is fairly critical and hence the need for the training and secondly the Self Help zone on their website - What is Active Patch 4U? Active Patch 4U is constructed of a breathable and permeable foam, sandwiched between a breathable nylon mesh and a black polyurethane membrane. Each patch contains a specific quantity* of more than 20 different, finely ground*, metal oxides and rare minerals. The concentration of each ingredient is approx. 30g/m², ground to <5 microns Its black colour comes from the presence of organic coal. This increases the patches potential to radiate heat and increases the effectiveness. active-patch-product-420x300 Physical action of the patch: Each patch absorbs and returns 95% of the energy it receives. This is done within an infrared spectrum of between 4 to 200 micrometers. Between 27°C and 39°C, the wavelength of the energy that the body radiates is between 9.28 and 9.66 µm (far infrareds). Active Pacth 4U is used for what?

  • Prevention: Applying Active Patch 4U to a known problem-area will help strengthen it. It also limits the chance for a recurrence of the problem associated with that area.
  • Comfort: Applying Active Patch 4U will help treat, stimulate and relax the problem-area.
  • Post-treatment: Active Patch 4U contributes to a general energetic well-being along with treating a specific area. However, our patches are not aimed at treating illness.

ActivePatch4U_Advert_English_WEB Active Patch 4U used the Pro Nutro African X to allow some top South African Trail Runners to test the product and see what it has to offer, here are some of their feelings: Landie Greyling "I use the patches for any kind of discomfort or niggle due to overexertion, muscle imbalances or general fatigue, which helps with injury prevention. I also feel that my body is more in tune after I have applied some patches to trigger points, which results in better, harder training and recovery. I believe the patches also assist in activating weak muscles or muscles that don’t “fire” as they should. In summary, I am convinced that the patches assist in prevention of injuries, activation of muscles and treatment of injured muscles, joints or ligaments." Landie Greyling - Professional Trail Runner (1st Female Team)


Photo Credit - Tobias Ginsberg

Ronel Nattrass "i had a very sore inner foot before the race, it was located on a very strange place where there is no physical muscle, sort of on the ankle bone. I applied Active Patch 4U in strategic positions and I have to admit that the pain diminished dramatically and I was able to run alot more comfortable. I am looking forward to using this product in my daily business treating runners" Ronel Nattrass - Runstrong | Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Lynotherapist (5th Mixed) We look forward to seeing this product at some events in the near future. Please support this start up initiative, it is a truly phenomenal product and we hope to see this product at many events in the future. Please follow this link to buy your Active Patch 4U and a % of the sales will be donated to Trail Run SA to assist us in our fundraising efforts to get 2 teams to the World Championships in 2015


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