Pikes Peak - World Long Distance Trail Champs

So the day has arrived that our 5 SA athletes will be climbing the World Renowned Pikes Peak. The World Long Distance Trail Champs 2014 kicks off today SA time at 15:00. The event consists of a 21km climb up Pikes Peak. 10480948_693550364063052_4040837994566799878_n So, let us tell you about the Pikes Peak Ascent. It will done in short sentences because you get out of breath quickly at this altitude. * A 21km jog up a mountain, which means that only have one hill to worry about. * It starts at 1,900m above altitude and finish at 4,300m! There are no trees at that height and the birds fly with oxygen masks. * Near 4,000m you have about 40% less oxygen than at sea level. * The steepest part of the course is at the start and the last part to the finish (about 14%). Average gradient is 11%. * The fastest runners run the last 3 km at about 10min/km and the last 5km takes about 45min. The back markers use a calendar to measure their times. * The average time to do this race is about 4.5 hours. * Records are 2:01 (M) and 2:26 (F). * 1,800 runners will line up, starting in two waves. * Race start is 15:00 SA time (07:00) over here. * At the start the temperature will be about 15oC but still below zero at the finish. * When the runners finish, the temperature will be 10oC but already 24oC down in the village. * The slogan among the experienced runners is: always run slower than you think you should. * Apart from the above, the race is actually easy. The 5 incredible athletes are: MEN 1. Thabang Madiba (Gauteng) 2. Lucky Miya (Gauteng) 3. Duncan O'Regan. (Boland) WOMEN 1. Danette Smit (Boland) 2. Su Don-Wauchope (KZN) 10521326_693671474050941_7527688413518917294_n   We would like to thank everyone who has played a role in helping getting our athletes to the USA. Trail Run SA has been working around the clock to source funding and sponsors - a slow process. We can say we are making headway and we hope that 2015 will be a great year for us and Trail Running in South Africa.   You still have an opportunity to help our athletes with our SMS campaign, please send your SMS of support. Each cent we raise will be distributed evenly amongst these athletes to help pay some of their expenses (up to R25 000 each)

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