About us

The recognition of Trail Running as an official and separate discipline of athletics by the IAAF and subsequently also by the various national athletics federations such as ASA in 2015 herald in an exciting new era for our sport.  It opens up new opportunities for our elite runners and introduces trail running to a wider audience.  It also necessitates the formalisation of the sport which is a process that needs to be approached with care.  This website serves as a portal to keep the trail running community up to date with developments, explain and support the process and publish relevant information on the various aspects of it.

There is also a need to support our athletes, events, race organisers, sponsors and media on a national scale without bias towards region, sponsors or race organisers.  This website will, therefore, contains an up to date national trail running calendar where athletes can search for events across the country. We will have special news and features regarding our national teams, trail personalities, specific events while also offering the opportunity for events to advertise with Trail Run SA and get featured as a”featured event” on the website which will include some media coverage.

Our ultimate goal is to get to the point where we can generate enough funds to support our athletes, with the aim of getting them to compete both nationally and internationally both for themselves and for their country. We have exceptional talent in SA and we need the funds to help nurture this talent. We would also like to give financial and logistical support to role-players and administrators that are going to give their time to build the sport in South Africa.  Furthermore, we would also like to see Trail Run SA supporting events where they can be involved with upliftment in the community and by attracting top talent to events around the country.

If you are interested in supporting our quest in any way or have questions, queries and suggestions, please make contact as we are open to listen. 

Please not that Trail Running South Africa is an independent non-profit organisation that by no means intends to make any rules or laws about trail running.  This website is a private initiative and is not funded or supported by Athletics South Africa or any other commercial entity.